Turbinate Hypertrophy: Turbulence in the Nasal Cavity

By: Kelly Warf, Au.D.
Michael Layland, M.D.

Turbinates are three bony structures in the nose: the superior turbinate, middle turbinate, and inferior turbinate. Turbinate hypertrophy refers to the enlargement or growth of one turbinate structure. This can obstruct airflow in the nasal cavity, making it difficult to breath or feel congested.

Turbinate hypertrophy can be acute (one time) or chronic (ongoing). Chronic turbinate hypertrophy may be caused by other conditions, such as:

In order to treat turbinate hypertrophy, an ENT physician will determine the cause. An in-office physical examination as well as imaging scans may be needed. Based on the etiology determined, the ENT will discuss treatment options. Often this is treated with medications; however, surgery may be recommended to decrease the turbinate and remove any nasal obstruction.

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