David Tojo


“I went to Dr. Tojo for the first time a week or so ago. I needed to get a second opinion on a diagnosis I received from another ENT doctor. Dr. Tojo was courteous, he listened, I didn’t feel rushed, and he was very calming. Dr. Tojo relieved my fears because the other doctor had told me I had a cyst on my vocal cord. Dr. Tojo told me he didn’t see a cyst. He prescribed a nose spray and said my symptoms should subside and I should feel better after using the spray. Within two days my symptoms cleared up. I cant tell you what a pleasure it was to meet such a caring, trust worthy, and reliable doctor. My entire family goes to Dr. Tojo and they told me he was excellent. Now I will recommend him to all my friends, and anyone needing a ENT doctor, he is outstanding.”→ Rose Morreale→ 04/29/2021

“I have been a patient of Dr. Tojo for about a month. He was referred by my allergist, as a physician who does not immediately suggest surgery. I have been very impressed with his professionalism and ability to listen to me. The office staff have always been polite and will call back with options of times and locations for a visit. He is very busy and you may have to go see him at another location.” → 06/06/2018

“An old school doctor. Truly compassionate, caring, and goes above and beyond the call of duty.” → anonymous in Winnetka, IL  – 12/15/2017

“Stellar doc. Wish I could give 10 stars. Compassionate, caring, & thorough.” → 12/15/2017

“Dr. Tojo did my stapedectomy surgery. I was very nervous about it, as I had not had surgery before but his friendly, calm and supportive demeanor really put me at ease. My hearing is much improved and I am a lot less nervous about going back to do the other ear! I highly recommend him.” → 06/18/2017

“Dr. Tojo has excellent knowledge of medical care, supportive, caring, and compassionate. He is a successful surgeon who displays empathy, being humane, thoroughness, and respectfulness. In my nasal issues, Dr. Tojo’s medical professionalism provided me with utmost confidence of being in safe hands. He was capable to understand my nasal issues, diagnosis, and treatment including the correct recommendations with his incredible knowledge.” → Raed Alamiri → 01/04/2017

“Most patient, kind and gentle physician. Most highly recommend. Explained surgery procedure in words that anyone can understand. Very open to questions. There are not enough superlatives that I can use in describing Dr. Tojo. Thank you for putting me at ease.” → Henrietta Peterson → 05/06/2016

“I was first time in this office and I do not have nothing but best words for Dr. Tojo and staff. He was very professional, kind and considerate of my fear from tonsillectomy. He had explained me every single step in to details and assured me that I am in good hands. I am looking forward seeing Dr. Tojo and his staff in one month.” → Aida Cancar → 05/05/2016

“Dr. Tojo was recommended to me by my primary care physician. He has always explained all procedures to me in full before proceeding. He takes the time to answer all of my questions. The visits to his office have always been pleasant.” → Jane G → 04/12/2016

“Great specialist !!!!” → Maria Rogers → 03/01/2016


“Dr. Tojo is an excellent doctor . Explains in a way you understand , super kind, shows respect for what you say.” → 07/19/2019

“Dr. Tojo treated my son for a sinus infection that started as a cold, moved to bronchitis, then pneumonia. The pediatrician put him on an antibiotic and he kept getting worse. When we went to see Dr. Tojo, my son was better within a couple of days. The level of care was exceptional, he works well with children and adults, and I would highly recommend! He really takes the time to make sure you understand!” → 04/28/2017

“The doctor and the staff were all nice and professional. I was seen with in the first 5 minutes of showing up. I got quality care and review of my concerns with this doctor.” → 10/10/2016

“Dr. Tojo performed surgery on my throat. I did not have any post-surgery problems, doctor followed-up with results after a few days. everything was explained to me. Office staff is very good and accurate with paperwork, FMLA, etc. It was a very good experience for a scared patient.” → 04/25/2016

“Dr. Melanie Ludolph was professional, knowledgeable and comforting during the testing she did on my ears. Dr. David Tojo easily diagnosed my problem and proscribed a smart course of treatment. His ability to communicate and the extra time he took with me, explaining what had happened was really appreciated. The compassion he demonstrates is icing on the cake of his intelligence, expertise, and medical experience. I knew immediately I was in good hands and recommend him highly.” → 04/15/2016

“Great doctor. Had thyroid biopsy in office and did not need surgery!” → 03/26/2016

“Dr. Tojo is charming and funny, but more importantly he is an excellent and highly skilled surgeon. He is very good at explaining complex medical issues in lay terms, so I knew what was happening every step of the way and what to expect post procedure. He is one of the very few doctors I’ve seen who also has a GREAT personality. You might think that shouldn’t matter so much, but in my opinion it does because I appreciate a doctor who makes me feel comfortable enough to express my concerns and answer my questions. He is very expensive but you get what you pay for.” → 10/08/2013

“Took my son to this doc after 2 other doctors could not find the cause of his hearing loss. Dr. Tojo is very skilled and has an excellent bedside manner. Great sense of humor too-my son loves him, but office wait was long. The receptionist kept telling me the dr would see us “in 5 minutes”…but it was at least a half hour wait. That said, he was worth the wait because after seeing 2 ENTs before him, my son was finally diagnosed accurately and treated! It is scary to have a child ;undergo surgery but Dr. Tojo kept us very well informed and reassured me completely. He is very good with children and made my son feel very relaxed about it all. He even looks forward to his follow up visits.” → 02/11/2013

“great doctor. funny too.” → 02/02/2012

“I was really frightened when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Dr. Tojo was very compassionate and spent time answering my questions. Surgery went perfectly and I am now free of cancer. I no longer worry about not being able to see my kids grow up. I wish all doctors were so compassionate and competent!” → 05/06/2011


“Phenomenal work! My mother had her thyroid removed! You seriously cannot tell there was even the slightest hint of a trace of a remnant of a scar! This coming from a skeptical, critical-critic non-believer, in all things that appear @ least on the surface to good to be true! Wonderful work! He’s the man! Thee absolute best! #ImABeliever” → 07/04/2018


“He’s really good. I think he has a very reasonable bedside manner. He’s a very skilled surgeon. The office is very responsive by helping you get in for appointments.”


Dr. Tojo was such a great doctor for me! As a woman in my 40s, I am starting to experience some minor hearing loss. Dr. Tojo kindly and professionally helped me understand that this is normal and he was very helpful when it came to treatment/prevention. I also brought my 13 year old daughter with me. He was so great at getting that shy teenager out of her shell. He was friendly and my daughter and I had a very pleasant and reassuring experience. I would recommend Dr. Tojo to people of all ages, he was superb!


“Dr Tojo is phenomenal in his approach and diagnosis of the issue at hand thoroughly explaining it in a way that is easy to understand while also providing a very well thought out plan to resolve the issue. I can’t say enough how much I value his approach and respect his knowledge and expertise. I would strongly recommend him to anyone needing top quality care looking for an ENT.” → Jay Frigo → 06/17/2021

“First time seeing Dr Tojo, extremely satisfied with initial visit! I have been battling sinus problems for years and had several procedures that have not corrected the problem. The doctor didn’t recommend having surgery as other ENT specialists recommended, but rather try eliminating what was causing the problem before even considering surgery. Office was clean, easy to get through check in and also didn’t have to wait long to see him. I would highly recommend.” → Alan Dadian → 03/29/2019

“I had a problem in my ear from radiation from 2000 and my ear was not getting any better. DR. Tojo’s idea was to 1st put me into a oxygen tank to make my blood flow better and then do surgery in my ear! I learn so much about the oxygen tank plus Dr. Tojo save my ear from decaying. Very smart man!” → Delia Saboya

“Excellent communication. He listened to my concerns. He ordered a test and HE called me with the results!” → Mary Bouchard

“Office staff suck and hospital cost suck but Dr. Tojo is a fantastic doctor.” ​→ Yonggon Gaming ​LMAO “My 91 year-old aunt needed to see a doctor for a perceived growth in her ear. I was stunned that I could get her an appointment later in the week. But the most pleasant surprise was meeting and listening to Dr. Tojo. My aunt sees many physicians at 91 and she was so pleased with Dr. Tojo, his manner and patience and time. He made her smile and feel important.” → Claudette Ohsann

“This review is long overdue. 5 years ago my teenage son had a lump on his neck. Dr Tojo observed it for weeks until he decided to perform a surgery/biopsy. He took out the lump and it was a rare benign nerve tumor called schwanoma. After all these years I think I can finally be at peace because it didn’t grow back so I am very grateful for this doctor.” → Jovita Shelepov

Alexander Goldin


“Meticulous, thorough and otherwise absolutely perfect!!!!” → 01/21/2016

“This Dude Is The Bomb!” → 11/19/2015

“His name fits him well. Totally a golden Dr. Never had a Dr. to call me the evening of my surgery go see how I was doing. Totally great bedside manners. I am so glad that I got him after my first visit since I did not know who I was going to get. I also wanted everyone to know that he is an exceptional Dr. with a lot of talent with his work and being a nice Dr. His parents taught him well. I am very lucky to get him.” → 07/21/2015

“Outstanding bedside manner, a world class doctor. I feel very fortunate that I found him.” → 01/19/2012

“Dr. Goldin performed sinus surgery and the results were excellent. He’s a gifted and brilliant ENT specialist. Dr. Goldin is highly skilled, compassionate and caring. His bedside manner is as exemplary as his medical skills, top notch all the way.” → 06/11/2011

“Dr Goldin takes his time with me, explains everything and listens to all my concerns and answer them in a very scientific and convincing way.he started a medical plan with me and followed it exactly as planned. Also the medical assistant is very nice and professional.” → 03/16/2011


“He was great” → 04/26/2019

“I would say very professional and knowledgeable doctor” → Bogdan Apostoluk → 05/04/2016


“I probably wrote a similar review in the past for Dr. Goldin, but it’s time to write one again as I had to see him again. I have chronic sinusitis and needed to get surgery in 2005. The surgery worked so well that I really thought I was immune to sinus infections. I had not had another one for about 12 years! And, even when I had one 12 years later, it was nowhere near as bad as before I had the surgery. I have been dealing with a chronic cough for over 2 years now. I have been to every specialist there is and no one could diagnose me. I was prepared to even get surgery again, if necessary. I finally decided to try an ENT and it was an easy choice for me to return to see Dr. Goldin. I had come full circle. Dr. Goldin was far and above the right choice. He thoroughly listened to my concerns and ailments. After having done an MRI (which no other doctor even did), he was able to determine a good course of treatment without having to resort to surgery right away. Here I am, a month later, and the cough is gone! When I went for my follow up visit, Dr. Goldin was so glad to have been able to help me. When I asked if another MRI was necessary, he said not at this point if I am feeling better. Many doctors would love to do additional testing as they can bill insurance – especially upon the patient’s request. He then went on to explain my next steps to follow at home. Even though I am symptom free, many doctors would love to have me continue to come for multiple follow up visits to bill the insurance. He did not recommend continuous follow up visits. I am so grateful to Dr. Goldin. He is a knowledgeable, patient, and compassionate doctor. If you need an ENT, your only choice should be to choose Dr. Goldin. You will be happy you did!” → Lisa K. → 03/10/2018

“Entire staff was great. Dr Goldin truly took time to explain clearly and “simply” the issue I had with my ear. He gave me 3 referrals as I potentially needed surgery. His number 1 referral, Dr Leonetti, is now my favorite Dr. Thanks to all the staff at Dr Golden’s office.” → Heather H. → 05/19/2017

“Always an excellent experience 🙂 a great Doctor! Knowledgeable and friendly ! Would send anyone to Dr Goldin. We’ve trusted him with our children and with various members or our family for the last ten years!” → Delia M. → 01/23/2015


“Very knowledgeable and caring doctor. Professional, caring and accommodating. Great disposition and bedside manner. Sometimes he runs behind, but he’s a doctor in high demand because he is excellent.” → 10/08/2014

“Wonderful office staff and doctor. Very professional and accommodating. Really care about the patient.” → 12/04/2012

“When my excellent ear specialist that I had been seeing for years retired, I was anxious about finding someone who could help me with my rather significant ear problems. When he referred me to Dr. Goldin, who was taking his place, I couldn’t have been more pleased! He’s a genuinely nice guy, talks to you and engages you in determining the best treatment, and has an excellent balance between being conservative, while not afraid to take risks. I had a persistent problem with a perforated eardrum that wouldn’t heal. He tried all of the standard approaches, and then tried something new. It worked, my hearing was improved immediately, and best of all, I’m still able to function and work! I’ve seen a lot of ear specialists in my days, but he’s the best by far!” → 12/26/2004


“After a trip to the ER with a serious sinus infection and dealing with ear infections for a couple of years, I was advised to see an ENT. Dr. Goldin and his staff are awesome. He is very compassionate, patient, and knew exactly what was needed to treat the infection. He described to me the causes of these infections, how to avoid them, and what steps can be taken if they recur. A great doctor!”

“We saw him for post-op for my daughter where he performed a tonsillectomy. He is very thorough with our medical history. We also dealt with one of his associates, and he was as thorough and caring as Dr. Goldin was. Dr. Goldin came in early to do her surgery. He is very considerate.”

“I had tonsil issues as an adult and had a tonsillectomy at the age of 27. Dr. Goldin and his staff were wonderful. I would highly recommend him.”


“I was in a great deal of pain and called this office for help. They were able to see me the same day. The doctors here treated me with courtesy and compassion. In addition, the office staff are very pleasant. The doctor was concerned about my pain/ear and wanted me to be seen again on a Friday when he was already booked up. He found a way to squeeze me in on that day. When I was there as his last patient of the day, i could hear him going to each staff member to thank them for making it such a wonderful day. You won’t be disappointed if you go here!” → Julie Cwik → 11/15/21

“I highly recommend Dr. Goldin. He is highly knowledgeable about my chronic sinus issues. I suffered for years before coming to Dr. Goldin. He did an excellent job on removing my nasal polys. He has the best bedside manner of any doctor I have. He listens to your issues and is able to cure them. Dr. Goldin also has a wonderful staff.” → Patty Weber → 12/17/21

“He did a perfect job! Wonderful surgeon.” → Laniel Razdolsky

“I have gotten nothing but compliments from other doctors since he did my tonsilectomy. He does great work and has good bedside manner. He is my first choice for ENT.” → Ian A.

Michael Layland


“Mike Layland MD saved my life. No need to say more. If you have an ENT issue, go see him. HE IS THE GUY!” → Bob G. → 03/26/2019

“Dr. Michael Layland is a excellent ENT l am very Grateful to him. He did Sinus Endoscopy and l can breath and sleep better l have more energy. Thank you.” → Diane F. → 03/23/2019

“Dr. Layland went out of his way to help me. I saw him as an “emergency” (I had terrible facial pain and needed to be seen right away). Instead of going to the emergency room, he was able to see me after his regular schedule on the same day. He took the time and did a thorough exam. I think that most docs would have just given me and antibiotic prescription and sent me on my way. But, he didn’t find anything on exam. So he did a CT scan during that very visit. This proved that I didn’t have a sinus infection (I could have sworn that I did!). Because he took the time, he was able to diagnose my real (rare issue) and now I am cured.” → 09/21/2018

“Both my husband and I have seen Dr. Layland for a variety of issues. He is always attentive and thorough. He discovered a pituitary tumor in my brain cavity, and shared in the surgery with the neurosurgeon. He ave excellent follow-up care.” → 08/11/2017

“I have seen Dr. Layland for years. I had Chronic sinus infections before being referred to Dr. Goldin and the ENT Center. They were miracle workers. Had sinus surgery about 6 years ago and couldn’t be happier. Referred them to several co-workers and Dr. Layland found a cancer during routine sinus exam EARLY onset and performed surgery on my friend who couldn’t be happier and his early detection saved his life. Numerous co-workers have gone to this practice and Dr. Layland in particular and all have nothing but extreme praise for all Drs. here.” → 06/12/2017

“Dr. Layland is a caring and compassionate physician. I felt like he took the time to listen to my medical concerns and to connect with me. Since diagnosis, treatment and then post-treatment, I have definitely seen an improvement with my sinus issues. I have recommended him to several of my friends.” → 01/02/2014

“Dr. Layland has an extremely courteous and understanding chairside manner. In my 3 visits, I have always felt that he really listened to me and spent quite a bit of time discussing my options, making sure I was completely informed and comfortable making a decision on my course of treatment. I would recommend him to anyone. And he isn’t bad to look at either!” → 02/18/2010


“I have been struggling with a swallowing issue for the past 10 years or so. I saw a different ENT three times, and was never given information about what was causing it, or what I could do to prevent it. Finally, a friend told me to get a second opinion and I lucked into an appointment with Dr. Layland. His manner is delightful, and his attentiveness to the issue was extraordinary. He ordered 2 different tests at Lutheran General, and an appointment with a speech therapist. After all of these years, I finally have some answers to my problem. I’m incredibly grateful that Dr. Layland is as thorough and compassionate as he is. And I’m grateful that I got this second opinion! Thank you very much, Dr. Layland!” → Felicia R → 07/15/2021

“Dr. Michael Layland is a excellent ENT Doctor. He did Sinus Endoscopic Surgery on me On Wed February 27, 2019. After 20 years of having sinus infections and being sick a lot. Now after the Surgery I can breath better and sleep better l have more energy. My black eyes have disappeared Dr. Michael Layland is so amazing he spends time with you to talk to you and answers all your questions. Dr. Michael Layland Explains everything to you. I am so very Grateful. Thank you Dr. Layland.” → Diane → 03/24/2019

“Dr. Layland is a wonderful physician. He solved my issues immediately. He is thorough, accurate, and very pleasant.” → 03/26/2018

“I cannot THANK Dr. Layland enough. By the time I got to his office, he was the 6th doctor I have seen in two weeks time. I was seriously ill and was unable to eat. After a HORRIBLE experience the day before at the Oral Surgeon office who was supposed to have taken a biopsy but didn’t, I was feeling pretty hopeless. Dr. Layland took his time and I could appreciated the fact that he was honest and told me he doesn’t know what it is but will take a biopsy and HELP ME GET SOME ANSWERS!!! I THANK U!” → 03/21/2017

“Dr. Layland did extensive sinus surgery for me. He was patient and explained everything thoroughly. I was amazed that the surgery recovery went as well as it did. Despite extensive sinus reshaping I had no  bruising and had a speedy recovery. I put off my surgery for over two years. I am very glad I did it and would use him again.” → 03/08/2016


“Dr. Layland was very considerate and helpful. He took the time to understand what I was feeling and meticulously examined my throat. He found what other doctors had missed . Once we had the right diagnosis, I was fixed almost immediately. thank you so much” → 09/21/2018


“OMG @DrMichaelLayland Did IT AGAIN! I went from violent bronchial coughing every few seconds, vomiting, and crying down to just throat clearing ever few hours in 2.5 days. I saw a couple of other doctors before I went to him because his office is so frickin far but I should have just started with him.” → 02/12/2015

“I am a registered nurse and singer and someone with severe sinusitis and seasonal allergies… This makes me super particular. I’ve tried to switch from Dr Layland several times due only to distance (and one of his staff I didn’t like so much) but the more other supposedly good doctors I’ve tried switching to at rush, northwestern or in other countries can’t come close to the 100% feel better state I get after going back to Dr Layland. There are only two doctors in the world that know the perfect balance of diagnosis and prognosis and pharmacology to cure you quick and dr Layland is one of them. Thanks again doc!” → 09/05/2014


“This is my first time to see Dr. Layland. I felt at ease right away when he entered the room. He is very amiable, knowledgeable, and listens attentively to my concerns. He is not in a hurry and takes his time. I thank God for having a wonderful ENT doctor – Dr. Layland. He is the Best ENT doctor I have ever met. At the time all the staff are very respectful and friendly.” → Dr. Evelyn Natividad → 09/02/2021

“Dr. Micheal Layland was recommended by another ENT for a very detailed neck surgery. This involved the removal of a cancer tumor and various other lymph nodes, tissue, gland and part of the neck muscle. His detailed work and closure to the incision was so meticulous, nobody can tell he even had surgery. We appreciated his honesty and attention to detail. As we regularly see him for review, his surgery 2/2019 has been a huge success! I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Layland as a superior choice for any neck or ENT surgery!” → Susan Hebson → 06/02/2021

“Layland is a game changer. ESP w endoscopic sinus surgery. I’m finicky w my choice of doctors and Layland has time and time again been the answer to so many of my sinus and asthma reactive airway flare ups over the years that other internal medicine and asthma specialists just frustrate me over. So confident in Layland and I credit the quality of life and my breathing to his practice.” → Shana Dagny → 3/22/21

Sanjeev Balamohan


“Actually takes the time to talk to you and figure out your problem. Wife had a neck cyst and I had chronic sinus problems and we both would recommend him to anyone.” → 05/01/2019

“I’ve had sinus issues for years and saw Dr. Balamohan, who ended up doing surgery on me. He was very personable, answered my many questions, and made me feel comfortable beforehand. Been doing much better since then and he’s been just as great on follow up visit. Office was also nice and made it easy to schedule appointments.” → 01/17/2019


“Dr. Balamohan is literally a miracle worker!!! Not only is Dr. Balamohan amazing!!! Also the entire staff is!!! They go way above and beyond helping their patients!! Extremely professional, helpful and very personable!!! I would strongly recommend them to anyone!!!” → Toni → 03/11/2021

“Dr. B was really amazing as a doctor. When I first saw him, I thought he seemed young, but immediately I was put at ease because of his depth of knowledge and time he spent with me to explain my health issues and answer my concerns. His showed me sincere kindness in the whole process, and his medical expertise was spot on. I highly recommend him.” → Sue → 11/11/2018


“Dr. Balamohan was an amazing doctor he did an amazing job on my nose. I can finally breath correctly thanks to him. Had one of the worst deviation in my nose he’s seen and he handled it with care and precision. Best doctor you can ask for. → Isia Razgo → 09/23/2021

“Dr. Balamohan is the most kind-hearted and passionate doctor I’ve ever met. He is very knowledgeable well beyond his field and genuinely compassionate. From my initial meeting, surgery, and follow ups he made me feel comfortable during a time when no others had. A true gem.” → Katie Olson → 07/21/21

“I went in with a large neck mass. Dr Bala told me it was likely benign and got a scan to confirm. I was very worried at first, but he spend time with me to reassure that I was in good hands. Then he did a surgery to remove it. The recovery went easier than expected. It has been 6 months now, and you can hardly see the scar even. Would fully recommend this doctor.” → Ryan Baines → 03/04/2021

“Dr. Balamohan is the most amazing doctor I have ever met. He literally saved my life. I came to him with just one symptom, hearing a puls like sound in my right ear. I was young, healthy and physically active so I was not too worried, but I still wanted to be checked. Dr. Balamohan did couple of test for my hearing and everything came back normal. He didn’t just let me go saying its probably nothing. He pushed further and suggested we should do a CAT Scan on my neck and head just to be sure its not something more serious. The scan was scheduled for Saturday, on Halloween day. I did it and went home. Dr. Balamohan personally called me on a weekend day for him and said he saw the scan, he is worried about the results and I should go to the ER right away. I listened to him and I ended up with emergency surgery due to a Carotid Dissection with aneurism. If the condition was not discovered I could have ended up with a stroke that could have been fatal. I am feeling good now, thanks to Dr. Balmohan. Everybody in the hospital were saying how I was lucky and I had a great doctor that was proactive and ordered the Scan. I know I am. Thank you once again Dr. Balamohan.” → Sonja J → 11/06/2020

“Dr. Balamohan is a wonderful doctor! He has an impeccable bedside manner. He listens and truly cares about his patients. I’ve rarely had a doctor that will speak to me for more than 10 minutes without seeming to hurry me up and I doubt that everything I said has been heard. I don’t feel that way with Dr. B. He answers EVERY question, makes me feel at ease and takes time to truly understand the situation. He gives clear responses and makes sure that I know he is available if any questions arise. He calls instead of an assistant. I could go on and on with how great he is! If you are looking for a wonderful ENT that has compassion, understanding and listens to every word you say, then look no further. I used to have so much anxiety about doctors but not with Dr. Balamohan. Thank you Dr. B for helping me trust doctors again and being such a kind soul.” → Rose Water

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