Our Services

Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing
Do you have a hearing loss? Through a comprehensive series of audiological tests, we evaluate the function of your auditory system and identify barriers to good communication. Through these diagnostic tests we can determine the type and degree of your hearing loss and offer options for your specific needs.

Advanced Technology Hearing Aids
We participate in continuing education on advances in technology to ensure that we are providing the best hearing aids for you. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service tailored to your unique needs and we work with you throughout the counseling, programming and follow up care to ensure you are connected to your loved ones and lifestyle.

Tinnitus Counseling
Are you bothered by a persistent ringing, roaring, clicking or hissing sound in your ears? You are not alone! Tinnitus affects almost 50 million Americans. We address the affects of tinnitus through counseling and sound therapy and if needed, we also fit hearing aids enabled with tinnitus masking programs.

Custom Ear and Hearing Protection
Exposure to loud noise can damage the fine hair cells in your ears, leading to hearing loss. Custom ear plugs can protect your hearing when used regularly. Custom ear plugs can also protect against water, wind and snoring.

Bone Anchored Implants
A bone anchored implant is a hearing solution for some individuals with chronic conditions who are unable to wear hearing aids. A bone anchored implant can improve hearing and reconnect you to the sounds you have been missing. Our team is experienced in helping determine if you are a good candidate for a bone anchored implant.

What Patients Say

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