Product Review – Widex Moment Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Product Review – Widex Moment Hearing Aids
By Kelly Warf, Au.D.

Choosing the right hearing aid can feel overwhelming. That is why consumers go to an experienced, skilled audiologist to discuss the right hearing aid solution. The hearing aid consultation explores each individuals’ listening environment demands, style preference, technology needs, and financial considerations. Hearing aids have come a long way over the past several years and can include cell phone connectivity, user controls, and rechargeability. Other custom features are automatic or enabled by the audiologist as needed. The Widex Moment is the newest hearing aid added to Widex’s line of devices.

Widex’s biggest advancement in the Moment hearing aid is the transition to lithium ion rechargeable battery. Previously, z-power rechargeable battery was used but many experienced short battery life with these batteries. The rechargeable option is excellent for easy use and anyone with dexterity or visual considerations.

A new sound processing feature in the hearing aid is called ZeroDelay. This allows for ultrafast processing between the direct signal and the amplified sound to prevent any delays or distorted listening experience. They also improved their SoundSense Learn feature by increasing automatic hearing aid learning abilities to better adapt to your listening needs.

So while the Widex Moment hearing aid may be an excellent choice, it may not be suitable for everyone. The charging dock is also different to support the lithium ion battery. One consideration is the new charger does not have a lid; this creates easy access for those with pets or small children to take the hearing aids from the charger. The Moment hearing aid also is compatible for phone use with iPhone; Android and Samsung users will not be able to stream phone calls or music, but do have access to the Widex app.

To learn more about the Widex Moment hearing aids or find the right solution for you, call our office today to schedule your appointment. Call 847-685-1000

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